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Innovative Australian synth pioneer - a member of self-styled groups - JAB (1976 - 1979) and MODELS (1979 - 1980), he combined experimental analog synthesizer textures with punk/rock rhythms.

1980 - recorded and released an independent solo single, 'Love by Numbers/Boring Instrumental'.

Around this point of time he was to join AL WEBB and ANDREW PICOULEAU to complete an experimental recording project THE METRONOMES ( 2 singles and 2 albums Cleopatra records).

Concurrently, WEDNESDAY was to collaborate with NUVO BLOC member T.E. POWER on a project titled THEALONIAN MUSIC. Although almost clandestine by nature, this excercise in spontaneous composition was to strongly influence much of WEDNESDAY's attitude to subsequent projects.


Ash Wednesday 1980  -  Photo Kerry Allen

He continued experimenting with electronics throughout the 80's with numerous and diverse, but relatively low profile projects - most notably, perhaps, being MODERN JAZZ - an impromtu assemblage of electro-based musicians, performing live on stage to a randomly programmed techno beat, although at this point of time (early 80's) the term 'techno' was yet to be invented!

1988 - CRASHLAND! WEDNESDAY was to apply his approach to digital sampling, initially culminating in CRASHLAND! - another very self-styled group of considerable impact and live popularity.

1990 - The Brotherhood of John Lawrance

1992 - WEDNESDAY was based in Berlin from 1992-1997.




1995 he was a member of the production team for NINA HAGEN's 'Freud Euch/Bee Happy CD (RCA Deutschland).

1997 he began working (in a live performance capacity) with the legendary EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - most recently, the 30th anniversary tour of Europe 2010/11.

1999 he returned to Melbourne, Australia where he re-united with ex-CRASHLAND! vocalist LYN GORDON to form THE TINGLER. An initial cd, 'The TINGLER' released April 2000.



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