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Technical Info :

Polyphony 16 to 20 voices

Sampler 12-Bit, 52kHz to 6.25kHz

Sample Time 5 seconds (52kHz) to 41.7 seconds (6.25kHz)

VCF Digital filter with Hi, Band and Low pass with many slopes

VCA 6-stage envelope including envelope preset templates Keyboard 61 keys (velocity and aftertouch)

Memory 480k internal (expandable to 2.1Mb)

Control MIDI, SCSI Date 1988

EPS means 'Ensoniq Performance Sampler'. The EPS is just that with clever new features that make it not just a professional studio music production tool, but also a powerful live performance instrument. It's biggest feature is it's ability to load new samples while playing the instrument, a feature you'd be lucky to find on current synth/samplers. The EPS is somewhat multitimbral in that you can have 8 instruments on-line one at a time or stacked* and switching between them is as easy as pushing one of the 8 instrument buttons. The 'Patch Select' buttons over the Mod-Wheel allow for on-the-fly patch switching from a spot where your hand is likely to be while performing! Its 12-bit sampler is highly versatile with 40 sample rates to choose from (6.25 to 52kHz). However, higher sample rates mean less polyphony and sample time. Unfortunately sample memory is miniscule at 480k expandable up to 2.1Mb yielding from 5 to 40 seconds of sample memory. Some of the EPS's goodies include an 8 to 16 track sequencer (which steals it's memory space from the same RAM that holds the samples) with quantizing, digital filters that seem like analog and preset template envelope options. The EPS brought together many facets of synthesis at it's time: sampling, synthesis and performance. It blended these together in a superb machine that, despite it's limited sample memory, is quite popular and useful even today. Though it was later upgraded to the 16-bit EPS-16+, the 12-bit EPS is a very cost-efficient alternative for any musician in search of classic keyboard-samplers! * Although you usually play one instrument part at a time, you can get all 8 up at a time. With the EPS in Load mode by first selecting an instrument and then double clicking another instrument both will be played together. Continue double-clicking the other instrument buttons to layer all 8 instruments!


(submitted by Rod Wesson and John Rule).